Friday, July 30, 2010

It's Jasper, CIVS Nairobi!

If you still thinking who will be the FIRST to reply my questionnaire, well, don't.

It's Jasper of CIVS Nairobi - or CIVS Kenya. For some reason I like the word "Nairobi" very much - Kenya isn't all that bad but Nairobi is beautiful! Anyway, thank you so much, Jasper! You certainly give me the good start I wanted, and the motivation to work even harder - I wasn't expect first reply to be within hours!

But really, this is far from over - Jasper is the first of many that are still pending:

SCI branches/Groups - 43
Latin America - 15
Africa and Middle East - 39 (Jasper is in, so out at the list!)
NVDA and Asia Pasific - 23

Yes, I need to "good luck", Jasper! Particularly I haven't reach ALL the IVS organizations - there is still others in the CCIVS member's list that I have not heard before (EFIL, IBO, etc.), let alone understand them or know what they are doing. In addition there are many still to email: Central Asia, Russia, Eastern Europe, South Eastern Europe...just too many of them. It's a tedious and hard work, but also a huge MOVEMENT- I can only imagine, until all the reply comes it....The thought of being able to email EACH one of you raise my morale, not at all making me feel tired! 

But still, I am only human. Here I must apologize to Katja and friends of KVT Findland, as I wrongly address her organization "IVP Australia" - what a blunder! It's "copy and paste" no doubt, or a least the main part of the text, but I try my best to personalize my email as much as possible. If there is 121 emails, it will require 121 clicks to send them all out, not just with one single click. Because I expect not less than 100 replies, that is.... :)

So, now I am going to email Jasper and tell him he is working too hard? :) But I guess I can understand that, it's a placement season, isn't it? I have never hold a position as placement officer but believe me, the general enquiry mails also increase substaintially during this period (I was the Office LTV in SCI-International Secretariat from 2008-2009), apart from different emails get clogged somewhere in SCI Mailing systems, volunteer/activist leaving/joinning the list etc.

In brief I wish eveyone out there have a good one!


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