Saturday, January 22, 2011

Global IVS Movement - excerpt of lil. review

The global IVS movement is best presented in NVDA biannual report (Figure 1) where 12 voluntary networks are mentioned. They are:

1. Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organizations (ALLIANCE)
2. Co-ordinating Committee for International (CCIVS)
3. Eastern African Workcamps Association (EAWA)
4. International Cultural Youth Exchange (ICYE)
5. Latin American Alliance of voluntary service organizations (LAA)
6. Network for Voluntary Development in Asia (NVDA)
7. Service Civil International (SCI)
8. South African Workcamps Cooperation (SAWC)
9. South East European Youth Network (SEEYN)
10. (Network in the north Africa) (UMAV)
11. West African Voluntary Action Network (WAVAN)
12. Youth Action for Peace (YAP)

As showed in Figure 1, the interaction and connection between one IVS network to another is comprehensive, and the dynamic of their relationship can be very complicated. Although most NGOs will be member of only one particular IVS network, it is not uncommon for that NGO to be a member organization for more than one IVS networks simultaneously. For instance, International Volunteer for Peace (IVP) of Australia is a member of two IVP networks (both SCI and NVDA), while New International Friendship Club (NIFC) of Nepal is a member YAP and NVDA.

The complexity of intra-IVS networks interaction is even greater when taken into account of the fact that most networks shares one or more similar partner organization. Take NIFC-Nepal example again; NIFC member organization of YAP and NVDA, and at the same time partner organization of ALLIANCE. The means NIFC can exchange volunteers with all three IVS networks (YAP, NVDA and ALLIANCE), although they do not have voting power within ALLIANCE which they are not a full member.

End note: Thank you so much - for those who responded to my questionnaire. I indeed finished my research and now still waiting for the results. We shall be in touch!

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