Thursday, June 2, 2011

On the terminology 'Work Camp'

The first workcamp in 1920 neither the term "work camp" not "workcamp" was used. The term 'Service' dominated in the documents of that time for philosophical and religious reasons. It was used as follows:
* Practical Service - title of working paper at Bilthoven conference, July 1921
* Groupe de Service International - used in head of letters and reports from Esnes Nov.1920-Apr.1921

SCI archives catalogue recorded the term "Work Camp" from 1945 on:
(1) Publication: "Willy Begert : Organizing International Voluntary Work Camps - A handbook. Paris : UNESCO (1950?)"
(2) Name of a Organisation: "Liaison Office of International Work Camp Organisation (LOIWCO) 1947-1949"
(3) Name of a Organisation: "Association of International Work Camps for Peace (AIWCP) 1949-1958"

In a 100 page strong book written by the first international secretary of SCI, Willy Bergert, which includes a bibliography that mentioned a publication from 1933: "Epting K. & Datha R.: Work Camp and Volunteer Work Services in Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Wales. Geneva : International Student Services (1933)"

According the catalogue the term "Workcamp" was used since the 1970s. It was found for the first time in a German SCI publications, at the time it seems that the term is linked to new volunteer placement system, which was introduced then.

Source: Philipp Rodriguez from SCI International Archives (June, 2011)

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